Top 5 ways you can stand out from the competition

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Changes in circumstances, such as a new job or moving into desirable school zones for your children are some of the reasons that people will sell their property and move. Top agents recognise the value of ongoing relationships and keep in touch with buyers and sellers in their local area. There are opportunities abound for you to maximise your repeat business by anticipating customer needs, keeping yourself top of mind and amplifying good service at critical points in the sales cycle. Your strategy should include regular targeted communication to both buyers and sellers within your database to ensure that you keep in touch on a regular basis.

Good service and communication can provide you with a competitive advantage and here are five ideas that may inspire you to try something new.

Top 5 tips to stand out

1. Upskill yourself with technology

Recording your customers details at open homes on paper is not ideal as it can be double handling. There are programmes available that allow you to capture information on an iPad or laptop and then have it automatically uploaded into a database.

2. Build a database

Building a database of potential buyers and sellers and keeping in touch with them is a valuable communication tool. New Zealanders are very interested in the market and will appreciate being kept up to date with market trends and information. Sales promotions at key times of the year will also help to keep you top of mind.

3. Amplify your service

Identify key touch points and amplify good service at the points where it makes a difference. Open Homes – think about offering your homeowners a voucher at a local café so they can relax while the open home is running. Moving to a new house – it can be difficult to wrangle the family, move to a new house and make sure that dinner is on the table at night. A great way to surprise and delight the new homeowners could be to buy them dinner for their first night in their new home.

4. Ask for feedback

Ask your customers how you can improve your service - what they liked and what they didn’t like, measure who is likely to sell within the next six months or gather any other information that might be relevant. There are many online tools you can use like Survey Monkey as a great way to ask for feedback from your customers. This will help you refine your service and continually improve.

5. Get involved in your local community

Look for opportunities to keep your name top of mind in your local community. Many agents sponsor local school newsletters or sports teams and events. But how do you decide what to sponsor? A great way is to get to know who your audience is. You can then develop your sponsorship strategy around them. Some other ideas could include hosting workshops on preparing your house for sale and other value-adding seminars. Continue to keep up the communication to keep your name at the top of a seller’s list.